Amsterdam 2019 NOV 21-23


Pre-conference workshops are organized on November Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th. Each workshop lasts one whole day and the combo ticket allows you to attend one different workshop each day. Workshop tickets are not sold separately from conference tickets.

The ticket price includes the conference ticket, the 2 workshop days, food throughout all 4 days (breaks and lunches) and wifi. Get 20% off the global price for workshops and conference days with the combo ticket.

No matter your level or your Symfony skills, all our workshops are open to anyone who knows the basis of Symfony. Our trainers are happy to adapt their workshops to your expertise needs. If you're a beginner or an advanced Symfony developer, you'll always get the most out of our workshops at your own path.

Combo, 20% off! (workshop + conference)
November, 19th + November, 20th
Getting ready for Symfony 5   Writing Modern JavaScript with Symfony & Webpack Encore
Practical Doctrine ORM within Symfony apps   [SOLD-OUT] Practical Forms with Symfony
Create an eCommerce website with Sylius   [SOLD-OUT] Profiling Symfony & PHP apps
[SOLD-OUT] Building API-driven apps with API Platform   [SOLD-OUT] Knowing your state machines - Symfony Workflow
[SOLD-OUT] Practical Design Patterns with Symfony   [SOLD-OUT] Practical Design Patterns with Symfony

Workshop descriptions:

Getting ready for Symfony 5 by Nicolas Grekas - Symfony

Symfony 4 changes the way you develop web applications. During this workshop, you will discover the new best practices recommended by the Symfony Core team. You will learn how to install third-party packages with Symfony Flex, configure your application with environment variables or exploit the new features of the dependency injection container. You will also learn how to prepare a Symfony 4 app for version 5, to be released next November. EventDispatcher, Security, Cache, etc - many important components have been improved, which means some part of them have been deprecated, and replaced by updated interface. This workshop will teach you the new way of using the components, whether you know them already or not.

Practical Doctrine ORM within Symfony apps by Julien Pauli - SensioLabs trainer & PHP core contrib

After presenting the Doctrine projects and the DBAL abstraction, we will talk about what an ORM is, what to do with it, and how to use it. We'll create entities and mappings and practice with some querying scenarios to understand how the ORM works and how it can help us. We'll also talk about performances and how to maximize them. This workshop will teach what a UnitOfWork is, what are N+1 queries and how you can prevent them. Basically, we will cover everything you need to know to persist your data efficiently with Doctrine ORM.

Create an eCommerce website with Sylius by Sylius Core Team Member

Working with Symfony and looking for an eCommerce solution? Cheer up! There is a software that can perfectly meet your needs. Sylius is the only e-commerce framework entirely based on Symfony (with Symfony 4 and Flex support), crafted with clean code and BDD. Join us and see that eCommerce development can be easy and fun. During the workshops, we will together start with vanilla Sylius configuration and customize it to our needs. After the workshops, you will have a good insight into Sylius structure and its core concepts. The course is intended for Sylius newcomers with Symfony knowledge.

Writing Modern JS with Symfony & Webpack Encore by Ryan Weaver - SymfonyCasts

So, you want to write modern JavaScript or use React/Vue.js. Great! In this workshop, we'll use the Webpack Encore library from Symfony to quickly bootstrap a sophisticated asset setup, complete with minification, SASS processing, free versioning, automatic code-rewriting to support older browsers and more! *Everything* you need to start writing great JavaScript quickly. We'll also learn about using JavaScript modules, how to bootstrap a framework (like Vue) and other important modern practices. Give your assets a huge boost with Webpack Encore!

[SOLD-OUT] Building API-driven apps with API Platform by Kévin Dunglas -

API Platform is a popular framework built on top of Symfony to create API-driven web projects. It includes:
  • super-powerful, server component to create REST and GraphQL web APIs in minutes
  • Progressive Web Apps (React, Vue.js, Next.js, Quasar) and native mobile apps (React Native) generator
  • beautiful Material Design administration interface (React Admin)
  • testing framework
  • Docker and Kubernetes configuration for dev, testing and production
After an overview of modern API patterns and formats (REST, OpenAPI, hypermedia, HATEOAS, JSON-LD, Hydra,, GraphQL...), we'll learn how to use and extend the most popular features of the API Platform: data providers and persisters, docs, pagination, validation, sorting, filtering, authentication, authorization, content negotiation, Mercure live update and much more! This hands-on workshop is focused on the server part of the framework (PHP).

[SOLD-OUT] Profiling Symfony & PHP apps by Nicolas Grekas - ex-Blackfire CTO

It is difficult to improve what is not measurable! Profiling an application should always be the first step in trying to improve its performance. With this workshop, learn how to identify performance issues in your application and adopt the best profiling practices in your daily development habits. This workshop will use the tool to help you identify performance leaks.

[SOLD-OUT] Practical Forms with Symfony by Julien Pauli - SensioLabs trainer & PHP core contrib

Forms are a critical part of the UX of Web apps. The Symfony Form component allows building from the most simple to the most complex ones. This workshop will teach you the core of the component: its architecture, how to validate submitted input with built-in and custom validators, what are form types and how to use them, their hierarchy and their options, using DTOs to decouple forms from your entities, using Data Tranformers to automate data treatments, writing Form extensions to push forward the limits of factorisation, etc.

[SOLD-OUT] Practical Design Patterns with Symfony (two days) by Titouan Galopin - SymfonyInsight lead

Writing long-lasting code that is easy to maintain is challenging. There are different techniques you can use which usually revolves around Object-Oriented Design, Dependency Injection, SOLID principles and Design Patterns. In this workshop, we will discover Software Architecture from the point of view of a Symfony developer. We will discuss the Design Patterns implemented by the framework and learn how these patterns can help you develop better Symfony applications. We will also implement the most important of these patterns in a real-world Symfony application in order to give you effective practical tools for your next project.

[SOLD-OUT] Knowing your state machines - Symfony Workflow by Tobias Nyholm - Happyr CTO & Founder

Web development is not just about delivering a response, it is also about writing good code. The state pattern will help you move complexity from being all over your code to one or more state machines. Tobias' workshop will introduce state machines, show you how to identify uses of them, and implement them in your Symfony application in an object-oriented manner using the Symfony Workflow component.